Nutrition FAQ



1.       How can I lose weight safely and naturally and keep it off?

Answer:  Eat three servings of fresh, whole, raw fruit, (not fruit juices) and three servings of fresh, whole, low starch vegetables daily such as; asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, green beans, kale, spinach, and summer squash per day.  Also eat no more than two servings of starch such as; whole grain cereal, brown rice, whole grain pasta, potatoes, sweet potatoes, whole grain breads, and crackers.  You must limit fat intake (oil) to two tablespoons per day and butter to two teaspoons per day.


2.       Are there any food supplements that would naturally supress my appetite?

Answer: The amino acid L-Phenylalanine 500milligrams, one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon.  Also Silum Husk Powder, one teaspoon before meals three times daily in 10 ounces of water.


3.       Are there any food supplements that would naturally surpress my sugar cravings?

Answer: The Aminoacid L-Glutimine, 500 milligrams one mid-morning, one mid-afternoon and the mineral Chromium GTF (glucose tolerance factor) 200MCG’s twice a day with food.


4.       Which snack foods are both healthy and satisfying?

Answer: Almond nut butter spread when blended with rice syrup, dairy free soy cream cheese, and sugar free jams are good snacking.  Occasionally you can use a rice cream dairy free ice cream product.


5.       Can hair analysis in any way help me in my strategies to lose weight?

Answer: Yes, due to the fact that hair analysis will display your mineral ratios of calcium to potassium which indicates how efficiently, or inefficiently, your thyroid is burning calories.  Furthermore by supplementing the aminoacid L-Tyrosine, 1000 milligrams a day on an empty stomach, you can help to rebalance your errant metabolism as indicated by these hair analysis ratios.


6.       Why are many over the counter weight loss drugs potentially harmful for me?

Answer: Weight loss drugs not only artificially stimulate weight lose mechanisms in the body, but the heart and nervous systems as well.  Thus they tend to elevate heart rate and blood pressure.  In the long-term they can exsast an already depleted metabolism further limiting the bodies potential for weight lose.


7.       What is the best general form of exercise?

Answer: Research tells us that a minimum of thirty minutes of brisk walking three times a week lowers virtually all health risk factors while optimizing energy metabolism and weight loss potential.


8.       How can unmanaged chronic stress speed up my aging process? 

Answer: The acid that builds up in your blood from chronic stress exhausts energy reserves at a far greater rate.  In addition, the more stress hormones you secrete, the more you speed up cell expiration.


9.       How does stress cause heart disease and cancer?

Answer:  Stress increases the bodies productions of Glandular Hormones, which expedite the cellular loss of electrons.  Once healthy cells loose their electrons, the probability of contacting cancer or heart disease is significantly increased.


10.     How does unmanaged stress affect my appetite?

Answer: Long-term stress increases the acidity of the body, which uses up vital nutrients more rapidly thus increasing the appetite.


 11.    What can I eat during periods of stress to reduce both my appetite and my stress levels?

Answer: Increasing your intake of raw fruits and vegetables during periods of acute stress will help alkalize your blood.  This will reduce your appetite and stress levels.


12.     How can hair mineral analysis help me with my strategies for fighting stress?

Answer:  The protein in your hair(keratin) is the best vehicle for determining the three key stress mineral ratios. These three are; sodium to potassium, sodium to magnesium, and iron to copper.  These ratios are the keys to how your cells, vital organs and glands are capable of managing stress.  Hair mineral analysis further gives clues as to how you can best support your body with diet and natural supplements during the recovery process.


13.     When my nutrients are out of balance am I more susceptible to the ravages of stress?

Answer:  Yes, if you employ preventive means such as hair mineral analysis, proper diet and nutritional supplementation can significantly increase your adaptation response to stress.


14.     What is the best natural way I can reduce stress quickly?

Answer:  Recent research suggests that the herb Kava Kava root is an extremely effective, safe and over-the-counter way to reduce stress quickly.  Most studies seem to indicate that the average adult requires a dose of KavaKava root that provides a least 125milligrams of the root’s active ingredient Kava Lactones in order to be effective.  I recommend 125-150 milligrams of Kava Kava root along with a series of deep breathing exercises.  Kava Kava should not be taken with any prescriptive pharmaceutical medications.


15.     What foods will improve my energy?

Answer:  Increasing your intake of high starch carbohydrates such as whole cereal grains, brown rice, whole grain breads and pastas as well as potatos, sweet potatos, winter squash and fruits will generally improve your energy as they readily convert into glucose, the body’s high octane fuel.


 16.    Are there any safe natural supplements that will improve my energy?

Answer: The best safe energy enhancers that I know are: A Twin Labs amino acid product called Glutamine Fuel or, Wild Siberian Ginseng.  I recommend 500-1000 milligrams of Glutamine Fuel or 500-1000 milligrams of  Wild Siberian Ginseng capsules taken daily.  Both are best absorbed on an empty stomach, and should not be taken with prescriptive drugs.


17.     How can hair mineral analysis help me to increase my energy?

Answer: The hair mineral analysis ratio of Calcium to magnesium is an important indicator as to how efficiently your glands and organs are processing glucose, the body fuel for energy.  If calcium and magnesium tissue stores are in balance and chromium and other mineral levels are low you can increase your energy levels with 200 mcgs.  of Chromium GTF (glucose tolerance factor) twice per day with meals.


18.     What can I do to relax my mind, and conserve energy in the face of acute stress?

Answer: With 500 milligrams Magnesium Chelate per day will generally relax the nervous system.  In addition, 50 milligrams of 5HTP (hydroxy tryptophane) which is an amino acid can be used.  It can be taken two times daily on an empty stomach.  This will increase the brain’s neuro- transmitters that relax and refresh the mind and body.


19.     Is there a natural way to improve sex drive and performance?

Answer: The hair mineral analysis ratio between zinc and copper is a vital hormonal marker that can reveal underlying sex drive and performance problems.  When a problem exists there is often a high copper to zinc ratio.  Thus 50 milligrams of Zinc Gluconate along with 200mg of vitamin B6 and 800 international units of d-alpha tocopherol E will in time improve these conditions.


20.     Can you suggest an optimum sample menu for an average day?

Answer:  breakfast: two soft boiled eggs (soft-boiled eggs destroy their own cholesterol).  For other protein options you may use ¾ cup of sautéed tofu, 8oz of 1% plain yogurt, or 4 oz. of low fat cottage cheese.  These proteins may be accompanied by either two slices of sourdough toast or ¾ cup fruit. 


lunch: 4oz. of low fat protein: chicken, turkey, fish, tofu, or beans, with 10-12oz. of low starch vegetables such as broccoli, green beans, zucchini, and 1cup of starch: brown rice,  potato, whole grain pasta, or  two slices of whole grain sour dough bread.


dinner: repeat the same format as lunch, but vary your  food choices.


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