The Chakra System

Everything in our physical world every organ, cell and atom in our bodies generates electromagnetic fields that vibrate at specific light, color and sound frequencies. Light moves at varying speeds to create what we see as light wave frequencies, or simply put color. The human body is intimately keyed to color. Colors can be linked to our moods or emotions, states of mind and to our physical health. Reds, oranges and yellows are warm and expansive, generating a feeling of energy, excitement and joy. Blues, indigos and purples are calming and cooling. The physics and psychology of color governs all life on planet earth every rock, plant, tree, flower, and animal is affected profoundly by light waves.

Chakras are electrical energy centers which are created by the endocrine glands and the nerve centers in the body. The word Chakra comes from the Sanskrit language meaning a revolving wheel or vortex of energy. These spiraling vortices of life energy consist of two electrical currents. The ida and pingala energies rise up through each leg and criss-cross each other up through the body. Where these currents cross, the seven major Chakras are found. This energy flows from each Chakra, through the body and circles back along the electrical pathways of the acupuncture meridians.

On the physical level each Chakra is connected to: a nerve center, one of the seven senses, and one of the seven endocrine glands. The seven colors and the seven major musical notes also vibrate with the Chakras. The lower Chakras correspond to the physical elements. The three higher Chakras correspond to the non-physical elements.

This etheric light body of energy is much like an electronic grid map surrounding the physical body. Its function is to receive and then transmit this energy and information directly into various energy centers throughout the body, which in turn activates flow through the acupuncture meridans to stimulate every organ and structure in the body. This is why any physical dis-ease we experience will manifest in our auric field first.

Chakras reflect our consciousness. Vitalizing these energy centers will bring about a more radiant well-being, heightened mental awareness and an unfolding awakening to the Universe.

Chakras and Energy Healing

Chakras show patterns of electromagnetic activity. When all chakras work properly (spinning not too slow or too fast), a physical organism is in perfect health and powerful energetic shape. When the chakra is opened and functional, it can perform its work perfectly, process prana energy, bring energy to the physical organs and subtle bodies, and remove used stale or stagnant energy from the system.

When the chakra is closed or blocked, it stops spinning and becomes dysfunctional. Chakras may become closed when they are congested with stale or stagnant energy. One way they can close is during an instance of fight-or-flight response of the organism. This response is a natural way for the organism to become alert and prepared to any danger or unusual situation. However, if this stressful condition of the body is left uncontrolled and continues for a long time, the chakras may stay closed and dysfunctional. When the physical body stays in prolonged stress (distress) or depression, the chakras cannot spin and work properly; they become unbalanced, blocked with stale and stagnant energy and unbalanced.

Our thoughts and attitudes can block energy flowing through the chakras as well. Unexpressed emotions can cause the chakras to be overcharged, leading to their closing or blockage. Personality problems both cause and are caused by energy imbalances. Imbalances in the chakra system of the physical body reveal themselves through both negative personality and physical illness: dysfunctional chakras cause imbalances in the subtle energetic bodies, and imbalances in the subtle bodies then manifest in personal, psychological and emotional problems.

When chakras are closed, energy cannot be transformed and released to the physical body. If energy is not flowing freely through energetic systems, physical problems may develop in specific areas, and discomfort or illness can occur in the organism. When a chakra is blocked, it needs healing by uncovering and removing whatever is blocking it. The clearing of congested energy from the human energy system becomes a necessary prophylactic way for keeping the organism healthy.

Because the chakras work together as a system, a blockage in the functioning of one chakra may affect the activity of another. These chakras are especially inter-related: The root chakra (1st Chakra) and the third eye (6th chakra) are energetically paired, (b) the sacral chakra (2nd Chakra) and throat chakra (5th chakra) are paired, and (c) the solar plexus chakra (3rd chakra) and heart chakra (4th chakra) are energetically paired. If one chakra is not functioning, it must be cleansed, balanced, normalized, and healed together with the associated chakra accordingly.

Chakras are interrelated not only with parasympathetic and sympathetic autonomous nervous systems, but endocrine systems as well. Chakras transform vital energy to the endocrine glands. The root chakra (Muladhara) correlates to the testicles, the sacral chakra (Svadhisthana) - the ovaries, the solar plexus chakra (Manipura) - the adrenals and pancreas, the heart chakra (Anahata) - the thymus, the throat chakra (Vishuddha) - the thyroid and parathyroid, the third eye chakra (Ajna) - the pineal gland, and the crown chakra (Sahasrara) - the pituitary (master) gland. Chakras feed the life-force into our endocrine systems, which regulates our hormonal balance.

                                                           Chakra Balancing

When imbalances have occurred, it is then that we may use color therapy or sound therapy as tools to help rebalance and restore ourselves. Color therapy is very simple. It works on the same principle as tuning in to a television frequency. Each chakra has a specific wavelength and vibrational rate, and governs a specific area of the body. By working with the appropriate color and or sound frequency whose wavelength corresponds to the chakra needing help, the weakened wavelength is reinforced. This will help set in motion the regenerative and healing process of that chakra or related body cell. This brings the body's energy fields into balance.

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